Experts of DELTIMA Precision provide consulting services across branches of

  • Explosives testing and design of laboratories
  • Counter-terrorism and loss prevention
  • Ammunition shelf-life determination
  • Industrial technologies in chemical processes
  • Recrystallization of explosives
  • CNC machining of life ammunition, explosives and propellants
  • Customized cutting tools (HSS, WC, ceramics..) and PVD coatings
  • Radiopharmaceutical research and related equipment
  • Import & Export of military material and dual-use goods
  • Laser marking and customized applications
  • Development of electronics hardware and processors programming
  • 3D printing and composites production
  • Surface treatment
  • Vacuum lines and applications
  • Water treatment
  • Disinfection of materials focused on ozone, halogens and UV light
  • Chemical compositions with anti-biotic properties
  • Safety data sheets for chemicals and mixtures