Team of experienced experts provide valuable customer support to assure excellent performance of supplied technologies. These services start with the implementation of testing methodologies with possible tailoring and personnel training. Most of these valuable services are included in basic contracts. Full certification for construction planning extends DELTIMA services in general lab designing and much more.

Additional services are focused on the development of customized testing methods and new standards. Automotive, pharmaceutical and other industries are famous for continuous increasing of quality requirements with no relevant testing standard available. DELTIMA is a valuable partner for consulting of already set up a quality assurance system as well.

DELTIMA assures certified on-site installations and acceptance procedures for third party producers. Supervision of our technicians might be beneficial especially in case of complex supplies of expansive technologies such as MPI, PET, SPECT or CT with limited local support.

We are open for cooperation and joint projects and can participate in product design and production technology. We are able to provide a complete instrument or technology supply on a turnkey basis or just a partial supply of small series components.

DELTIMA is fully certified to provide construction design, installations and services in the branch of security. We are ready to secure premises with the latest hardware and software solutions for area monitoring and against security breach or eavesdropping.

We use precise 3 to 5 axes milling, turning, grinding, 3D printing and ISO 17025 controlled metrology. We work with high-quality alloy materials, composites and surface protection such as PVD, thermoplastics and others.

Do not hesitate to contacts us with any inquiry we might fulfil, please.