DELTI-Vac REV (DVR) apparatus presents a cost-effective and modern solution for R&D and quality assurance laboratories across the branch. Efficient metal heating block, LCD touch screen interface, precise digital vacuum sensors and gas-tight tubes are combined into standalone apparatus which can be connected to PC for online data streaming, evaluation and remote operation. The DVR was developed for All-in-One testing of high explosives, propellants, rocket fuels, primary explosives and pyrotechnics. DVR provides safe VST measurements of the latest precision level.

DVR is a modular All-in-One testing system that saves budget and valuable laboratory space.


DELTI-Vac is designed as a modular system which follows maximal easiness to reach required testing conditions in a regime of vacuum, inert gas, air or oxygen.

Typical sample weight 5 grams
Typical testing temperature 90 - 120 °C
Typical testing time 40 - 48 hours
Typical vacuum range 0 - 100 kPa abs.
Typical tube volume 23 - 27 ml
Maximum testing temperature +250 °C
No. of samples 12
No. of simultaneously operated units  Unlimited clustering


Explosives testing standards: STANAG 4556, 4147, 4022/4, 4023, 4230, 4284, 4566, MIL-STD-650, STANAG 4178 and AOP-48

Electrical safety: CE or CE/CSA

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