Specialized equipment and innovative technologies

for energetic materials, defence & biotech research

Sensitivity Testing

Consumbles for explosives.

Optimize your budget with our top quality consumable material for sensitivity testing of explosives. Custom made parts of siliceous porcelain or precisely ground and polished tool steel parts will provide excellent performance for your laboratory.


Equipment for defence industry.

Technologies for research, development and production of new weapons and ammunition. Overhanging inspection, shelf life monitoring and demilitarization consulting. Turnkey deliveries.

Energetic Materials

Test it. Precisely.

DELTIMA equipment provides an option for investigation of high explosives (mining, defence), propellants (gun powders, rocket fuels), pyrotechnics (delay compositions, igniters) primary explosives (detonators, ammunition)

Safety testing

Be safe. Always.

Industrial growth is tightly connected with wide range of unknown materials and high volume production. Determination of risk related properties such as stability, sensitivity and thermal resistance is important for classification of these materials. DELTIMA provides solutions for testing according to major international standards.


Automated precision. Enjoy.

DELTIMA developed and tested series of unique applicators for MRI contrast agents. They allow fully automated, standardized injection of tracer/contrast agent in up to 4 animals per scan for multiple imaging modalities including PET, SPECT, CT, MRI and optics.


DELTIMA Precision Ltd. provides a broad range of innovative laboratory instruments for testing of energetic materials and other hazardous compounds, mixtures and products. Highly specialised research tools are provided for nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy. Equipment is always provided as a complex solution with full support of DELTIMA´s experienced experts and certified representing offices. The company implemented directives for quality management of design and production. Continuous improvement encourages flexible customization of standard models with an own set of latest CAD/CAM/CAE tools.

DELTIMA Precision is fully authorized for international export, import and transfer of military goods and technologies. 

DELTIMA Precision provides a range of unique products which were developed with the highest respect to market requirements. We established cooperation with innovative industrial partners and R&D institutions worldwide to meet the best performance with real applications. Coherent company policy sets clear requirements on quality assurance, project management, R&D efficiency and customer care. The design of all products involves the latest materials and technologies with consideration of energy efficiency and a cost of ownership or operation over a complete instrument life cycle.

Products are listed in following branches which contain other useful information about their principle, applications, and advantageous features.   



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