BeJUNK12 and BeJUNK18

Bergmann-Junk (STANAG 5A/5B) and Bergmann-Junk-Siebert (STANAG 5C) tests are traditional methods for the quantitative determination of chemical stability of nitrocellulose and other nitrate esters, single and double-based smokeless powders, rocket fuels and nitro compounds. BeJUNK12 and BeJUNK18 testing apparatus present a cost-effective and modern solution for R&D and quality assurance laboratories across the branch. Efficient metal heating block, LCD touch screen interface are combined into standalone apparatus. The device can be connected to a PC for an online acquisition of temperature values and remote operation. Quality glassware and rigid tubes holder improve the operation effectivity.


BeJUNK12 and BeJUNK18 are modular units which follow 2 basic configurations. Converted is easy and requires no extra heating block.

Typical sample weight 2 grams
Hole diameter 20 mm or as required
Hole depth deep/reduced 200 / 150 mm
Typical testing temperature 132 (115 and 120) °C
Typical testing temperature 2 (8 and 16) hours
Block temperature limit + 200 °C
No. of samples 12 / 18

STANAG 5A / 5B certified glassware

Tube diameter 19 mm
Tube length 350 mm
Absorber type Cap
Typical  liquid used water
Typical liquid volume 25 ml
NC type chalked / non-chalked

STANAG 5C certified glassware

Tube diameter 19 mm
Tube length 270 mm
Absorber type Globe
Typical  liquid used Hydrogen peroxide 3%
Typical liquid volume 50 ml
NC type non-chalked only


A standalone device with LCD touchscreen interface
General test  timer on the LCD screen
Sound and light reminder of experiment finish
Accurate temperature controlling
Independent overheating protection
User-defined testing procedures (self-programming)
External calibration
Remote operation via USB/LAN
Firmware update via SD card
Rigid stands for sample preparation and cooling
Permanently marked glassware


STANAG 4178 (5A, 5B, 5C), COS 137602, TL: 1376-0589, TL: 1376-0600, UK M28/89