Calorimeters for Explosives

ExoCAL Series

ExoCAL Series is a set of utilized models for heat of explosion determination by means of burning or exploding in inert atmosphere (vacuum, nitrogen or argon).

PRO version is designed for quality management of pyrotechnics, propellants, primary explosives or assembled products is performed on utilized model which presents great price value ratio with high end features such as:

  • inbuilt and programmable ignition power supply
  • measuring of ignition energy supplied into the sample and its correction 
  • inbuilt water conditioning system (heating/chilling)
  • colour LCD display and connectivity (USB, LAN)
  • continuous operation for high productivity (with 2 vessels)
  • test time from 6 minutes (about 10 minutes for complete test)
  • set of rigid explosion vessels with filling arrangements
  • long life, easy to maintain a cost effective

PRO+ for precise R&D presents additionally:

  • extended user interface
  • small samples vessels for sensitive samples
  • experiment conditions monitoring
  • assembled products testing (detonators, igniters, gas generators)

PROµ with increased sensitivity presents additionally:

  • optimized water volume for low amount and low weight samples
  • designed for detonating samples of primary explosives and small scale products

ExoCAL calorimeters provide option for investigation of any energetic material which burns in vacuum or pressurized inert gas.