Vacuum stability testing provides reliable information for risk and safety management of single based (NC) or double based (NC/NG) gun powders, rocket fuels and other propellants, pyrotechnic mixtures, explosives, hazardous chemicals, energetic polymers, binders and others. An integral part of this monitoring is also testing of substances compatibility. The vacuum provides the highest sensitivity for quantification of the evolved gas.

Stability and compatibility monitoring is deeply incorporated into the quality and safety management of production, transportation and warehousing. All kinds of ammunition require safety inspections during their lifecycle. The latest accidents of automotive parts containing energetic materials triggered VST implementation into R&D and QC of civilian production. These new applications require significantly better performance. 

DELTI-Vac MIL tester presents modern solutions for R&D and quality assurance laboratories across the branch.


Sample weight 5 grams
Testing temperature 90 - 120 °C
Typical testing time 40 - 48 hours
Pressure range 0.65 - 100 kPa abs.
Typical tube set volume 25 ± 2 ml

DELTI-Vac MIL tester provides a significantly wider operation range than required for standardized testing. We can further customize the system for the best service.


Explosives testing standards: STANAG 4556, 4147, 4022/4, 4023, 4230, 4284, 4566

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