Abel Heat Test AHT12

Abel Test methods are traditional methods for the determination of chemical stability of nitrocellulose, single and double-based smokeless powders, rocket fuels and nitro compounds. Testing apparatus is provided as a complete solution which is easily installed and operated.


The unstable behaviour of nitrocellulose and NC based energetic materials is associated with the liberation of heat and gaseous decomposition products which contain also nitrogen oxides (NOX). The exposition of the sample to a higher temperature increases its decomposition rate. Abel Test methods were developed to evolve NOX in defined conditions with further detection of these decomposition products by means of standard test papers. These standard papers change colour when exposed to a sufficient concentration of nitrogen oxides and related acids. DELTIMA Precision offers high-quality AHT Test Papers which are prepared exactly according to widely accepted formulation to keep high reproducibility of results and are accredited and used by the US Army.


AHT12 - Single-purpose device with 12 samples capacity


STANAG 4178, DEFSTAN 13-189/1, AOP-7, ČOS137601