Artificial Ageing Procedures

Artificial Ageing Procedures are essential operations involved in a chemical stability determination and safety management. It is usually performed with nitrocellulose, single and double-based smokeless powders, rocket fuels and nitro compounds. Testing apparatus is provided as a complete solution which is very easy installed and operated.


Unstable behaviour of nitrocellulose and NC based energetic materials is associated with liberation of heat and gaseous decomposition products and exposition of the sample to higher temperature increases its decomposition rate. Artificial Ageing Blocks were developed to expose the sample to precisely controlled elevated temperature by means of hermetic tubes and massive aluminium block. The artificially aged sample is tested by another testing method as described in followed quality and safety management (AOP-48, AOP-7 and others).


AAB30 - Single purpose device with 30 samples capacity

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STANAG 4117, 4527, 4541, 4620, AOP-48, AOP-7