Economy Calorimeters

EcoCAL Series

EcoCAL Series is a set of optimized models for heat of combustion determination by means of burning in pressurized oxygen.

Economical quality assurance of fuels is performed on model which presents latest development with focus on economical efficiency. We understand that many functions are not worth to pay. Excluding of these features is no reason for quality lowering.

Model EcoCAL ISO is equipped with or is designed for

  • tapping water conditioner
  • LCD interface and connectivity (USB, LAN)
  • continuous operation for high productivity (with 2 vessels)
  • test time from 6 minutes (about 10 minutes for complete test)
  • set of combustion vessels with filling arrangements designed for easy operation
  • long life, easy to maintain a cost effective

Model EcoCAL DRY is waterless calorimeter with plain jacket and inbuilt combustion chamber. It is designed for very hard conditions such as mobile on site testing. No precise laboratory are required. It withstands harsh storing conditions such as freezing and overheating. This model is equipped with or is designed for

  • LCD interface and connectivity (USB, LAN)
  • inbuilt combustion chamber with inbuilt valves and oxygen filling
  • efficient insulating plain jacket
  • frost-proof heat absorber
  • long life, easy to maintain a cost effective