Performance Calorimeters

OxyCAL Series

DELTIMA Precision provides a set of performance models for heat of combustion determination by means of burning in pressurized oxygen.

Continuous productive testing with short test cycle times are essential for every quality management system. Advantageous features of these devices are:

  • inbuilt water conditioning system (heating/chilling)
  • colour LCD display and connectivity (USB, LAN)
  • continuous operation for high productivity (with 2 vessels)
  • test time from 6 minutes (about 10 minutes for complete test)
  • set of combustion vessels with filling arrangements designed for easy operation
  • long life, easy to maintain a cost effective

Precise R&D presents additionally:

  • extended user interface
  • vessels for low weight samples

OxyCAL is excellent option for calorific testing of fossil fuels (e.g. oil, coal, peat or coke), biomass fuels (e.g. wood products, straw or hay), standard plastics (eq. PE, PP or PET), dangerous plastics (e.g. PVC or PTFE) and waste which combines almost all kind of combustible materials into variable mixtures.