Methyl Violet Tester DMV12 / DMV28

Methyl Violet test is a traditional method for the qualitative determination of chemical stability of nitrocellulose and other nitrate esters, single and double-based smokeless powders, rocket fuels and nitro compounds. DMV12 / DMV28 testing units present a cost-effective solution for quality assurance laboratories across the branch. Efficient metal heating block, LCD touch screen interface and precise glass absorbers are combined into standalone apparatus. The device can be connected to a PC for an online acquisition of temperature values and remote operation.


DMV12 / DMV28 are designed to follow specified standards.

Typical sample weight 2.5 grams
Hole diameter 19 mm
Hole depth 285 mm
Typical testing temperature 134.5 °C
Typical testing temperature 5 hours
Block temperature limit + 200 °C
No. of samples 12 / 28

Certified glassware

Tube diameter 18 mm
Tube length 290 mm
Glass borosilicate / quartz
Permanent marking position + test version


Standalone device with colour LCD touch screen interface
General test and cycle timers on the LCD screen
Sound and light reminder of sample on time inspection
Accurate temperature controlling
Independent overheating protection
User profiles and testing procedures self-programming
External calibration management
Remote operation via USB/LAN
Firmware update via SD card
Rigid stands for sample preparation and cooling
Permanently marked glassware