The UNI-Heat is a unique modular system that follows the idea of maximal easiness and the complexity of the application. A range of equipment provides an unprecedented range of testing conditions. 


Model UNI-Heat UNI-Heat HT
Sample positions 12 12
Maximum hole diameter 34 mm 35 mm
Hole tolerance  ± 0.1 mm H7
Hole depth 278 mm (diameter 19 mm)
220 mm (diameter 34 mm)
270 mm
Maximum hole depth 285 mm (DMV Insert) 285 mm (DMV HT Insert)
Maximum diameter of the item inserted into block holes  59.5 mm 57 mm
59.5 mm (BJ HT Insert)
Temperature limit +200 °C  +250 °C
Block temperature resolution 0.05 °C 0.01 °C
Heating temperature stability ± 0.05 °C ± 0.025 °C
Block heating rate 3.8 °C/min 3.3 °C/min
Laboratory temperature resolution 0.05 °C 0.05 °C
Block cooling rate 0.50 °C/min (200 °C)
0.15 °C/min (100 °C)
0.35 °C/min (200 °C)
0.08 °C/min (100 °C)
Oil compatibility No Yes - overspill proof
Insulation Fibre composite Aerogel
Secondary top heat shield No Yes - exchangeable
Central top slot for peripheral units No Yes
Size (WxDxH) 41x45x48 cm 36x40x48 cm
Weight 60 kg 65 kg

The UNI-Heat testing device contains no electronics related to the measurement of pressure so that it cannot be interchanged with DELT-Vac devices.


Standalone device with colour LCD touch screen interface
6 heating elements for excellent heat distribution in the block
Efficient insulation for energy saving
Accurate temperature controlling
Independent overheating protection
Predefined testing methods, open for user-defined methods
Fast conversion to other stability standards
External calibration 
USB interface for temperature recording and external operation
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