Líh kvasný úplně denaturovaný EUR

Product  Ethyl Alcohol Denatured EUR
Description Extra fine bio alcohol, EUR denatured (IPA/MEK/Bittrex)
Alcohol content min 96 % v/v
Typical Application Solvent, thinner, cleaner, clean fuel, disinfection hand rubs and gels
Restricted application Cannot be used for alcohol drinks production
Safety warning H225 - Flammable liquid 2
H319 - Eye irritant 2
Packing PET/HDPE UN 1170
Available volume 1L, 5L, 10L, 25L (can be customized)
UN Classification 3 / II / F1 / 1 L

Ethyl Alcohol Denatured EUR is a high-quality product that is prepared by fermentation of natural materials with following efficient purification to reach the finest food grade quality. However, the final product is denatured and it is not possible to use it for the production of alcoholic beverages and for pharmaceutical products that are in contact with the mouth. IPA and MEK additives do not change the appearance and typical alcohol odour of ethanol. Unlike the other additives such as diesel oil and gas fuel.

Ethyl Alcohol Denatured EUR is an excellent biofuel. it burns with clean flame without smoke, carbon black and unpleasant smell. It is the first choice of fuels for bio fireplace.