Vložka bloku UNI HT



Block Insert UNI HT is an accessory component for the UNI-Heat testing apparatus. It is made of heat conductive aluminium alloy with h7 precision to reach excellent heat transfer. The inner hole is machined with H7 tolerance. The insert has an insulating PEEK top handle which is sealed with FPM o-ring. The VST HT block insert can is compatible with heat conductive oil. Using of FFKM sealing increases temperature resistance.

Block Insert  UNI HT allows three basic positions of inserted test tubes

1) Inside the Block insert
      - the test tube is aligned with the inner heating block body
      - tube joint is highly exposed to high temperature
      - usually used for shorter test times or lower temperatures
      - excellent heat transfers
      - low influence of laboratory condition
      - applied in the investigation of stability kinetics and other research topics

2) On top of the Block insert
      - the test tube is aligned with block insert
      - the metal holder keeps the test tube in a good position for joint cooling
      - generally usually for most of the applications
      - excellent heat transfers
      - applied in quality control, R&D and other topics

3) Above the Block insert
      - the test tube is located above the block insert for the best joint protection
      - the PEEK distancer keeps the tube in defined position above the insert
      - usually used for high-temperature experiments
      - excellent heat transfers in the lower part of the test tube
      - continuous data might be slightly influenced by laboratory conditions
      - quartz test tubes must be used for a higher temperature gradient.


Precise H7 tolerance for excellent heat transfer
Groove for air oil flow while inserting into the block
Thin layer surface protection
Precise inner hole
Oil compatible
Variable test tube installation


Insert diameter  35 mm H7
Hole diameter 19 mm h7
Hole depth 180 mm 
Standard temperature limit 200 °C
Maximum temperature limit 250 °C (FFKM seals or oil-free)