UNI-Heat Apparatus
UNI-Heat ApparatusUNI-Heat Apparatus


The UNI-Heat testing system consists of the main unit which is inbuilt into the main block. This main unit controls the precise heating of inbuilt aluminium block and independent overheating protection. The colour LCD touch screen interface of the main unit can include instructions for all defined testing methods. The salient feature of the user interface is the graphic presentation of relevant test time.

UNI-Heat testing device contains no electronics related to the measurement of pressure so that it cannot be interchanged with DELT-Vac series devices.

Ultimate variability of UniHEAT is achieved by block inserts. The set of precise inserts combined with software management of predefined test methods allows fast and easy conversion of the main block to comply with the supported testing method or standard.

 Supported Testing Standards

Block holes have dimensions for inserting of high-pressure stainless steel tubes HPT34. Inserting of other tubes requires proper block inserts to create a block hole of required dimensions. These holes are defined by the followed testing standard. Some of these standards have more versions. Exact test temperature and hole parameters are a result of historical development. It is highly ineffective to have a separate testing instrument for each testing method and its version. However, the option of fast and easy conversion of the instrument to meet the different standards is very effective in many ways. 

The UNI-Heat supports testing methods in a table below. The DELTIMA Precision improved features of single-purpose instruments such as Abel Heat Test, Bergmann-Junk Tests or Methyl Violet Test and these salient features are implemented also into operation interface.


A standalone device with colour LCD touch screen interface
Accurate temperature controlling
Independent temperature limiting (overheating protection)
Graphic interface for supported test methods
Advance timers 
Self-programming of user-profiles and testing procedures 
Fast conversion to comply with other testing standards
Ultimate external calibration management


Sample positions  12
Temperature limit  200 °C
Temperature accuracy  ± 0.05 °C
Maximum hole diameter  34 mm
Maximum hole depth  278 mm
Weight  60 kg
Size (WxDxH)  42x45x48 cm
Power input (230 V/50 - 60 Hz)  2350/1500 W