BeJunk12 testing apparatus presents stand-alone and compact unit which consists of an MMI interface, controlling electronics and massive aluminium heating block.

The aluminium heating block has 12 precise holes for glass tubes, heating elements, and 2 independent PT1000 (4 wires) temperature sensors. Heating elements are controlled by means of precise PID electronics and independent overheating protection. The heating block is efficiently insulated for excellent energy efficiency.

MMI Interface has

4.3" colour LCD touch screen
SD card slot
Two signal LEDs

Rear connector interface has

3 inputs for connecting of temperature sensors or ENVI sensors 
2 CAN bus connectors for connecting of intelligent peripherals
1 port for remote disconnecting of the heating circuit
1 USB connector for PC
1 RJ45 connector for LAN server

Colour LCD touchscreen interface includes a count down timer for total testing time and testing temperature. Total time and temperature can be programmed by the operator. BeJUNK12 is modular and allows easy conversion between 150 and 200 hole depth.


STANAG 4178 (5A, 5B, 5C), COS 137602, TL: 1376-0589, TL: 1376-0600, UK M28/89


A standalone device with colour LCD touch screen interface
General test  timer on the LCD screen
Sound and light reminder of experiment finish
Accurate temperature controlling
External calibration
Independent overheating protection
Predefined testing methods, open for user-defined methods
Remote operation via USB/LAN
Firmware update via SD card
Rigid stands for sample preparation and cooling
Permanently marked glassware


Sample positions 12 / 18
Temperature accuracy ± 0.1 °C
Hole diameter 20 mm or as required
Hole depth 200 mm or reduced to 150 mm by inserts
Temperature  limit +200 °C
Typical sample weight 2 g
Block heating rate 2.5 °C/min
Block cooling rate 2-4 °C/h
Size (WxDxH)  42x45x41 cm
Weight 60 kg
Electrical rating 110 or 230 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
Power rating 1500 W